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Regular Cake Flavors

Vanilla, Chocolate or Marble Cake

Regular Icing Fillings:

Vanilla or Chocolate


6” Cake - 8-10 slices – regular cake – w/ image = $40.00

9” Cake –10-14 slices - regular cake – w/ image = $50.00


½ Slab Rectangle Cake -25pp-$60.00

¾ Slab Rectangle Cake-35-40pp-$84.00

Full Slab Rectangle Cake- 55people- $100.00

6” Dessert Cake – w/ image = $50.00

9” Dessert Cake – w/ image = $60.00 


 Please email us your image once you have placed the order 


The following files cannot be printed:


JPEG files are best!

Place each image in it's own file and email each image as it's own file.

If your cake is round, please send a round image or

know that your image will be very small

If you send us a large rectangle image for a small/ round cake.

The image will never take up the entire cake surface. 

Please state any expectations you have on how you would like the image to look on the cake,

when you place the order.

Please note: if you send us a bad quality image, it will look the same on the cake.

We are unable to edit or color any mages sent to us.

Please note: not all colors are going to be 100% the same as we are using edible ink and edible paper.


 We do require a credit card to accompany all orders

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